Episode Nine

Shanghai  April 2010


Episode 9

Episode 9

  • To provide  EU participants with contextual Shanghai/Chinese cultural experiences
  • To hold a final series of performance workshops
  • For these workshops to form the basis for public performance, which will stage the results of the encounters in a way that fully addresses the artistic and emotional experience of the audience.
  • To explore the different training techniques required & explore ways of using the differences as a pedagogic route to getting students and young people to think about the nature of music via a radically different tradition
  • A final open performance/workshop/master class
  • Presentation of work from other activities by partners
  • Consideration of further collaboration & developments
  • To document the processes on film, photograph and paper.

Achieved via the workshops, events and meetings of the week (see 2.3, 2.4, 2.5  Meeting Five details)


Pre – formal working days

Tuesday 6th April : meeting Carma Elliot, British Consul General,  Gavin Anderson, British Council,  Ophelia Wang British Council  with Susan Daniels & Ruru Li for a presentation on OPENCOV.

Thursday   8th April


Whole group meeting at STA  –    planning & programme updates   (recorded on film by STA documenting team)

CAT – performance workshop

CCG –   Visit to The Shanghai Virtual Simulation Multimedia Laboratory. A tool designed to visualise and choreograph performance ideas, software having been developed by STA . Example users – the opening ceremony for the FIFA 2007 Women’s World Cup, Shanghai EXPO 2010, Shanghai Grand Theatre.  Discussion of technology in performance, reality and artifice.


CAT – performance workshop  : for this meeting the CAT had invited  Professor Lu Ang (who had been visiting Professor at Leeds in 2009) to join them and help shape the final  ‘work in process’.  This enabled a higher level of artistic interaction via Lu Ang’s expertise.

CCG – Workshop for Arts Management students from STA run by  P.Collis (introduction of Deeming management approaches through practical activity – new learning concept for the students)


Meeting with Han Feng ( costume designer for Achterbahn/Miss Fortune in  Bregenz 2011) at her workshop and home in Shanghai.

Friday 9th April


CAT performance workshops

CCG –   meeting with Shanghai International Culture Association www.sicachina.org Vice President   & General  Secretary Zheng Jia Yao with two colleagues.  Responsible to the Shanghai Municipal Publicity Dept. it is a non governmental body charged with ensuring the quality of international arts exhibitions coming into Shanghai and vice versa. Generally fine art but occasionally performance: possibility for future OPENCOV partner  links explored.


CAT performance workshops

CCG : visit to the Shanghai Music Conservatory  :  Chen Xiaaoyi Deputy Vice President and Director of Foreign Affairs (has visited Sibelius) Professor Wang Yong Vice Director Arts Administration  department (has visited Bregenz) Yunp-Chin Yong Executive Director and three students who presented their degree programmes and answered questions on their  involvement with opera and  the arts.

STA    second workshop for the  STA Arts Management students from STA run by  P. Collis , T. Cantell

Saturday 10th April

Visit to the ancient village currently under meticulous restoration, YinZe Town, Qingpu district as an artisan’s estate. Designer/visual artist Xiang Cheng Hu lives there and is responsible for the development. Object:  preserve and teach young artists traditional Chinese crafts, host private functions, be accessible to the public and grow.  Already has a considerable costume and furniture collection.

Visit to  Zhu Jia Jiao water village

Evening : free or visit to China’s first multi-million RMB  production ERA – intersection of time combining traditional Chinese arts and modern technologies : performers present Chinese acrobatics , martial arts and dance as observed in Chinese opera) in harmony with music, sound, lighting and other special effects.

Sunday 11th April

CAT performance workshops (all day)

CCG morning   reviewing the week  with Professors Ge Lang and Gong Barong

afternoon : meetings with  Professors Ge Lang and Gong Barong  and  4 graduate companies from STA

Monday 12th April

CAT – performance workshops (all day)

DM/JP interview all CAT members

CCG – meetings with government agencies and prestigious officials  –

Madame  Ma Bing Director of the Promotion Office for Consolidation of Culture and Education (previously Head of the Shanghai Cultural Bureau, a former Beijing Opera singer and Director of a Beijing opera company) Provides a deep insight into the manner in which the municipal government works with its cultural institutions and the two budget streams  (a) traditional Chinese arts (b) western and contemporary arts

Fang Shi Zhong Deputy District Governor of Shanghai  Ji’an District  and his colleagues Rong Guangron  artistic director of Modern Drama valley  and Yang Yong President of the Modern Drama valley.     Modern Drama Valley is major five year project to rejuvenate the district’s arts and cultural activities, in which the government takes on the role of a sponsor with the goal of developing self sufficient and theatre companies. At the same time, it promotes new artists and entrepreneurs with start up schemes.  It is using STA as its research team.

Third workshop with  STA  Arts Management students  – run by DK / RG

Tuesday 13th April

Morning workshops  with students from STA and the Shanghai Music Conservatoire (filmed by STA)

J. Pitches   –  improvisation, devising and performer training

J. Walker  –  experimenting with voice  – the  European singing approach

J. Townsend/L. Kew-Ross – improvisation and music

D. Knapp/P. Collis /T. Cantell /R. Green   – management techniques   students

Afternoon  – group presentation to audience of staff and students from STA    (filmed by STA documentary team  and OPENCOV team)

OPENCOV  –  The nature of the project  & the DARE partnership    –  Susan Daniels

The engagement of Bregenz –  Daniel Knapp

The CCG group in Shanghai, Leeds and Bregenz – Timo Cantell

The documentation of  a creative process – Diane Myers

The nature of ‘Seeking Identity in the Uncomfortable Zone’  – Ruru Li

In the Zone – Jonathan Pitches introduces the work of the CAT     –   CAT performance

Inter-active discussion with audience

Evening: farewell meal hosted by Professor Sun

MANY LIVES : CAT presentation