What next? Blue skies.

What Next?   List of long term collaborative possibilities

  • Academic research in the five areas of research proposed by Professor Ge Lang

      –          How is new work produced? Where do skills and finance come from?
      –          What are we training people for?  Art or the market place?
      –           Supporting Incubation schemes
      –          Audience research
      –          Preserving and taking forward traditional arts

  • CAT team 

As individuals or as a group a possible  return visit to STA for work with students in the annual Shanghai festival.

Developing their own inter-cultural work.

  • Design project 

Possible links between  the  Media Laboratory at STA and technical work in Opera North & Bregenzer Festspiele.   These could be workshops,  master classes,  students coming to Europe to observe the  opera  production & rehearsal process.

Possible links with the Media Laboratory and  to academic practise led research  in projecting performance by  Dr Sita Popat & Scott Palmer at Leeds.

  • Helsinki is World Design Capital in  2012:  Professor Cantell welcomes ideas from the partners
  • Formal Memorandum of agreement between STA and University of Leeds has been signed to consider

      –           Exchange of staff members and students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
      –          Collaborative research and possible exchange of academic papers;
      –          Jointly supervised PhD students;
      –          Mutual assistance in  the preparation of seminars, conferences and workshops;
      –          Co-operation in training projects for specific area of development;
      –          Opportunity for other forms of co-operation , such as the delivery of award and non-award courses.

(NB first research visiting scholar is already at Leeds, as a direct result of attending the April 2010 presentation day)

  • Incubation  of a new young people’s company

Proposal :  Graduates of every academic partner’s institution can apply to be part of an international music theatre production company that then produces an intercultural piece of music theatre. To find a composition/libretto we could initiate a competition for young composers/librettists from participating countries and find an international reputable jury (with the help of all partners) to select the work – together with the start-up company.

The partners mentor the pre-production and production process, help find sponsors and funds (other than a part of the EU-fund, are the creative and management sounding board for the young company and provide a venue for the piece to be shown.

The company is a one-off project company, put together for that ONE production, so no aspirations to keep it alive forever, unless the young people themselves want to keep it alive once the production is out. The company shall also be a laboratory for experiments (marketing, intercultural communication, press, outreach, budgeting, production standards, touring, net meetings, etc.) and documentation.

  •  Modern Drama Valley  in Shanghai    /  Links with DARE   /   new versions of DARE schemes

      –          possible collaborations to bring Bregenzer Festspiele productions to Shanghai
      –          possible three way collaboration :  internship for staff members of Drama Valley in Europe working with University of Leeds and Opera North and Bregenzer Festspiele and vice versa

    There are two possible models here in two new schemes :

         The DARE  Cultural Fellowship in Opera Related Arts: Composition    (first member of the Academy of Cultural Fellows at Leeds)  


         The Pettman Dare International Performance Scholarship  (PDIPS)    (a five year project)       

                 http://www.dareyou.org.uk/fellowship/pettman/index.html   – the first scholar was in the orchestra at the opening of EXPO 2010

  • Finnish partners project

To experiment in partnering of staff in small arts organisations across the  partners.    How we can all help, other than providing lists of suitable organisations, is to be determined.

  • Staff and student exchanges with Shanghai Music Conservatoire

These already exist with Sibelius and are now being proposed by Leeds.

  • Work placements in Europe

Students at Bregenz or  Leeds : high level language skills required

  • Student groups attend  European festivals with their performances