Xu Jiali

Xu Jiali Project Contributor 2010

Xu Jiali Project Contributor 2010

XuJiali has studied Beijing Opera since she was 10 and worked for Shanghai Beijing Opera Company for two and half years. Her regular repertoire includes Women Generals of Yang Family, Zhao Jun Goes Abroad and Madness from Losing the Son.

In 2003, she went to Singapore to take a three-year course in Theatre Training and Research Program with full scholarship, studying various western acting methods and traditional theatre performances of India, Japan and Indonesia under David Zinder, Robin Payne, Kanze Yoshimasa, William Sun, Cao Lusheng. She directed and performed a solo performance, Karaoke Medea, directed Dario Fo’s Michele Lu Lanzone, and made a solo performance, Shakuntala, integrating Beijing Opera and Indian Kutiyattom Elements.

She taught drama at Shanghai Singapore International School after returning to Shanghai, responsible for launching and running the Chinese Culture Room.

2008-9 she took an MA in Enterprise and Management for Creative Arts at the University of the Arts London.